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  • DESSO Hospitality unveils new Axminster carpet collection: Heavenly Gradients & Transforming Textures vol. 1


    Desso Hospitality has unveiled its newest Axminster carpet collection called Heavenly Gradients & Transforming Textures vol.1.  The collection, created by Desso designers Sophie Duran and Jonathan Currell, represents different manifestations of nature’s gradients.

  • Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht- A kaleidoscope of local culture

    The Andaz brand is the newest hotel brand in the portfolio of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, launched in 2007. Shortly after the opening of the first Andaz Hotel in London, Hyatt announced a large expansion of the brand with Amsterdam as one of the locations for new hotel properties. In November 2012, the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel was opened, equipped with custom made woven Axminster and Wilton carpet in both public areas and guest rooms and suites.

  • Spectacular 200m2 tapestry developed by Desso using innovative techniques

    Petra Blaisse's internationally acclaimed Amsterdam-based design studio Inside Outside has been commissioned to design a monumental wall hanging of approximately 200 square meters for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It will cover the rear wall of the museum restaurant on the ground floor and rise to a height of 14 meters in the new entrance hall on the Museumplein.

  • DESSO’S Red carpet at Dutch Fashion Awards

    For the third year in a row, European carpet manufacturer Desso was prominently present at the celebration evening of the Dutch Fashion Awards. This year's edition of the prestigious annual fashion event took place at the 'Grote Kerk' (the old church) in The Hague on Friday November 30th. Desso provided the red carpet on which nominees and other guests entered the grand old church that hosted the event.

  • Amsterdam Museum, Desso cooperates with Barbara Broekman

    The carpet is designed by Barbara Broekman and produced by Desso, and is a part of Barbara’s exhibition ‘My City: a celebration of diversity’. The exhibition includes this carpet, Jacquard woven wall panels and embroidery panels. Yesterday, Thursday 28 June, the carpet installation was presented and opened by Jan-Jaap van der Wal, a well-known stand-up comedian in the Netherlands.

  • Live Session - Desso Headquarter - March/April 2012

    The Circles of Architects® are a source of inspiration. Not only to architects and designers that are invited but also to Desso. It is a springboard for the conception of new ideas and an evaluation of concept developments based on prototypes. Incorporated are topics such as innovation and current and future technological developments and trends. It is all about Co-Creation.


  • Red dot award 2012 for 'Visions of' product line

    Desso has received a ‘Red Dot: Product Design’ Award for its ‘Visions of’ carpet line. The red dot is a quality seal for aesthetic forms and lasting trends, handed out each year during one of the most renowned design contests in the world.

    This year, 1,800 manufacturers and designers from 58 countries participated in the contest. A jury consisting of 30 international experts tested and evaluated a total of 4,515 products in Essen, Germany. Desso’s Visions of has an elaborate and innovative product design, according to this year’s jury.


  • PATTERNS@PLAY Collection

    CARPETECTURE® is a new way of thinking, incorporating elements from modern international architecture to create emotionally expressive carpet designs. It looks at the changes in architecture, in how people think about space, atmosphere, colours and materials. When moments in architecture are used to inspire carpet designs there is synergy. The carpet becomes more than a floor covering; it performs alongside other architectural elements. Intensifying the sensation.


World Interiors Architects congress, NL, 5-7 September

The ‘inamsterdam World Interiors Meeting’ will be the most important and talked about interiors congress of the year bringing together professionals from over 45 countries. This event which will take place 5-7 September and is initiated by BNI, the Dutch Association of Interior Architects, it is the first international congress organized by and for the profession.

For more information about the World Interiors Architect congress, please click here.

100% Design, UK, 18-21 September

100% Design is officially the UK’s largest design trade event with over 25,000 visitors including architects, interior designers, retailers and designers. The event is held between the 18-21 September and is the biggest event during the London Design Festival.

For more information about 100% Design, please click here.

Dutch Design week, NL, 19-27 October

In October the twelfth edition of the Dutch Design Week will take place. This event will offers today’s trends and unique insights into the future of design, hosting a dazzling amount of boundless creativity and bold ingenuity from hundreds of renowned and talented designers.

Do you want to visit the Dutch Design week? This major design event will take place 19 – 27 October 2013 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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